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We are motivated by the desire to make the lives of diabetics easier and safer

Today, diabetes is not just a diagnosis and a disease requiring frequent visits to the doctor. It is – at least in the first twenty years of diabetes – more of a lifestyle + constant improvement of your knowledge in the rapidly developing world of diabetes accessories. How can we support you in diabetes management? Look at the products that we have put on sale in our e-shop after personal positive experience. For all our products, we can tell you how they taste, smell, feel on the skin, work, open, last, etc. etc. All your questions are welcome!

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Solutions for diagnostics of sugar metabolism

If you have been assigned a glucose tolerance test, i.e. a sugar tolerance test, you need a glucose drink. Check out our different flavors of GLUCOTEST glucose drinks and ask for them at your pharmacy. Our product range also includes the lactose drink LACTOTEST for testing milk sugar or lactose tolerance.

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