About us

The reason for many things lies in ourselves and in coping with our daily lives or not. In our case, coping with hypos became crucial.

Until the day 2013, when a good friend Liina brought me a glucose gel tester from Finland, all my handbags and pockets were full of glucose pill crumbs, which in the warmer weather became uncomfortably sticky. The same thing happened with candy and chocolate.

After trying the glucose gel, I stopped using candy and glucose tablets for two reasons:

– the onset of action of the glucose gel is significantly faster in time, thus eliminating the need for excessive carbohydrate intake (bodyweight !!!)

– convenient packaging that does not leak or stick.

Nowadays I always hold a couple of glucose gels around me, whether for sports, walking with a dog, or driving. Quite frankly, I don’t want to remember those times anymore when I tried to chew and swallow glucose tablets with a paper-dry mouth …The gel is pulled on the cheek and is immediately absorbed through the oral mucosa.

If I know I have two tubes of glucose gel in my pocket, or “6 mmol blood sugar,” it gives me the confidence I need to move outside the home.

So a very personal positive experience became the reason why we decided to grab the bull by our horns and start importing glucose gel. Gradually more products have been added to our e-shop, all of which are related in some way to diabetes or blood sugar.