What does one hormone injection to blood sugar?

I owe you an overview of an orthopedic visit. 

Going there, I was 100% sure that I had been hit by “frozen shoulder” syndrome. But take a look – orthopedists did not agree at all. Exhausted by the pain, I asked for something to be done, and as a compromise, we decided together to see what miracles an intra-shoulder hormone injection could do.

And these “miracles” lasted for a month! I knew that the hormone would confuse sugars. But the fact that it “pastes” sugar values on the level of 20 mmol was an unpleasant surprise. I was not ready for such a ride at all.

Although I am wearing a Libre sensor, I checked my bloodsugar values repeatedly with a glucometer during this period, I consciously drank a lot of water (1.5-2 l of Värska every day), I gave extra injections every 2 hours … This was also the period when I used Mission urine test strips. Glucose was +++, ketones +. Weight loss 5 kg – cheers!

On poorer days, I made up to 30 units of Fiasp (usually no more than 15 per day). Increasing the dose of Tresiba again proved to be a “hypoglycaemia-trap” and gave a reason to communicate with the ambulance. And I’m not doing advertising here – glucose gels helped to get the sugar back on several occasions and I could ask an ambulance to turn around.

By the way, the effect of the injection on the pain lasted only 2-3 days. So my adventures in the medical system continue. Fortunately, I have a very good orthopedist who continues to try to find a reason for my arm pain.

Today, the sugars have calmed down. When working in the garden on sunny days, the amount of Fiasp is less than 10 units and the sugar stays “abnormally” for me for less than 10 mmol for a long time. During this whole horrible period, I received telephone support from Tartu’s diabetes nurse Gunnel – thanks-thanks! Sometimes you just had to spray all that frustration out of yourself. And I go from Tallinn to Tartu to see a doctor, because it is simply not possible to get appointments in the capital.

Diabetes – lot of surprises every day 🙂