Glucose gel HYPO-FIT 18 g


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Fast-acting glucose gel for diabetics with frequent hypoglucaemia

Do you have a fear of hypoglyacemia before leaving home? The fast-acting glucose gel HYPO-FIT gives you the lost confidence back:

Fast action– reduces symptoms in 3-5 minutes
Clearly measurable – 1 package increases BS level by 2-3 mmol
Keep one package of 1 HYPO-FIT glucose gel always in your pocket, bag or in car.

One sachet contains 18 g of gel = 13,4 g carbs.

Ingredients: 34% saccarose, water, 21% glucose, 20% fructose. Natural or with lemon taste.

Nutritional value for100g:
energy 1267 kJ/ 300kcal
carbohydrates 74,5 g
fiber 0 g
protein 0 g
fat 0 g
salt 0 g.

Made in the EU.




Made in EU.