Fast glucose gel 1WW, 10 foil packages



Fast glucose gel for the treatment of hypoglycaemia

Do you have a fear of hypoglyacemia before leaving home? The fast-acting glucose gel 1WW gives you the lost confidence back:

Fast action- reduces symptoms in 3-5 minutes

clearly measurable – 1 package increases BS level by 3mmol

Does not freeze - suitable for year-round use


Keep one package of 1WW glucose gel always in your pocket, bag or in car.

Üks 1WW fooliumpakike sisaldab 15,4 g süsivesikuid.
Koostisosad: glükoos, maltoos, vesi, fruktoos, maasika- või apelsinimaitseaine.
Toitumisalane teave 100 g:
energia 1369 kJ / 322 kcal,
süsivesikud 81 g,
rasv 0 g,
valk 0 g,
kiudained 0 g,
sool 0 g.
Toodetud Euroopa Liidus.

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Further details

One foil package contains 15,4 g carbs.

Ingredients: glucose, maltose, water, fructose, strawberry or orange flavor.

Nutritional value for 100 g:
energy 1369 kJ / 322 kcal,
carbs 81 g,
fat 0 g,
protein 0 g,
fiber 0 g,
salt 0 g.

Produced in EU.