MABOX Compact City black


The MABOX patented design overlay bag is both discreet and elegant, and can accommodate all the necessary tools for diabetics (insulin, needles, glucometer, glucose gel …)

The MABOX bag also works as an isothermal cold bag. Thanks to the cold element, the temperature in bag stays at 2-8 ° C for up to 12 hours. (NFS 99-700 French Health Authority Testing Norms)

The MABOX bag is capacious. In addition to insulin and glucometer, your mobile and wallet can fit there.


  • – the bag has two zipper-lockable compartments + a lockable side pocket for the cold element
  • – cold element NF-99-700 Health
  • – pocket for pens and glucagon, located beside the pocket of the cold element
  • – 2 different colored TUBs for new and used needles (1 TUB can hold up to 8 needles)
  • – SOS pocket for glucose
  • – pocket for the glucometer
  • – info card “I’m diabetic” with the necessary contact information
  • – the bag also holds your mobile and wallet
  • – bag dimensions: height 170 mm, width 210 mm, depth 70 mm
  • – bag weight with cold element: 820 g
  • – adjustable shoulder strap

This MABOX bag is both practical and elegant!